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    Generic Viagra Online:Definition, types and information

    Generic Viagra, which is more popularly known as Sildenafil Citrate, is an effective medication to deal with male impotence that is also known as erectile dysfunction (ED). Men who suffer from erectile dysfunction are unable to respond to sexual desires and this problem is dealt with by Generic Viagra pills. The pills cast their spell by slowing the action of the PDE-5 enzyme. The veins contract, the arteries expand and the blood is driven into the male reproductive organ. Impotence is no more a problem for men as this pill permits men with ED to lead a normal sexual life. Generic Viagra pills are fast, effective, efficient and reliable. They are available at an affordable price and show their effect instantly. The pill has the same major constituent Sildenafil Citrate as the brand pill Viagra and has the same effect. Men usually prefer to buy this pill as it has the same effect but is affordable at a much cheaper price.

    How are Generic Viagra Online and Erectile Dysfunction related?Erection Cause

    You need to understand how an erection is caused to understand how the drug works. Sexual stimulation is the major cause of erection. The stimulation could be mental or tactile. Sexual stimulation causes the release of nitric oxide which causes electrical impulses to be generated in the nerves leading to the penis. Blood rushes into the corpora cavernosa and it leads to expansion of the male organ leading to an erection. Generic Viagra and other similar pills ensure that enough blood flows into the male organ during the erection. It also ensures that the erection lasts for sufficient duration.


    Erectile dysfunction or male impotency does not have one specific cause but it may be a result of several causes. These reasons may be physical like exertion, illness or tiredness. The male impotency may also be a result of psychological or emotional problems like stress, trauma and aversion to physical intimacy. The male impotency can also be caused due to lifestyle related problems like smoking, drinking, irregular sleep schedules and work stress. There are men who suffer from impotency due to natural conditions like low testosterone count in the body. While there are many causes that lead to male impotency, there is no reason to worry.


    The diagnosis of a person with male impotency is a pretty long process. It involves various stages which include learning the medical history of the person, conducting a physical examination of the person and taking a laboratory test. Only after all these stages can you make out whether a person is suffering from erectile dysfunction and decide the measures that need to be taken.

    ED Treatment Online

    There are many different ways to treat erectile dysfunction. The method employed will depend on the cause of ED in the person. Some of the common treatments for erectile dysfunction are lifestyle changes, vacuum therapy, sex therapy and erectile dysfunction related drugs. Surgeries and implants are other possible treatments for the same problem. You can prevent problems like male impotency by staying healthy. For this, you need to exercise daily and follow a healthy .

    Remedies Online

    There are several possible remedies for ED and similar health problems. One must exercise regularly. This reduces the possibility of cardiovascular health disorders that cause most men to suffer from erectile dysfunction. Maintaining your body weight within the healthy range is also a great measure to prevent male impotency. Avoid smoking cigarettes and drinking alcohol as these are also major causes of impotency in men.

    Myths Online

    People who lack knowledge regarding certain medical conditions tend to spread myths which pass on from one generation to the other. Some of the common myths about erectile dysfunction include a myth that one has to develop male impotency when one ages. There are people who consider male impotency to be a disease. There are also people who believe that male impotency is completely psychological. These are all myths and do not have any relation with the facts. The fact is that male impotency is a medical condition which can be dealt with using medicines.

    Generic Drugs Online

    The modern world has come up with a series of generic drugs which are as effective as the branded counterparts. The generic Viagra and other generic pills are available at a much cheaper rate compared to the branded pills. They have the same effect as the branded pill but fall within the budget of common man. The lower price is because it is producing a pill that is a copy of the original, which means they do not need to invest on the research for the pill.

    Generic Viagra Online

    Generic Viagra is a mystery drug that has helped ED sufferers from around the world to lead normal sexual lives. The pill helps to treat male impotency caused in men due to different reasons which may be physical or psychological. The pill does not have any harmful side effect and is thoroughly reliable.


    Health problems and erectile dysfunction are often correlated. If a healthy individual develops erectile dysfunction, it could be a result of some impending health problem like cardiovascular problems, diabetes, hypertension or obesity. One needs to take erectile dysfunction seriously and take the necessary steps to prevent further deterioration of the body. While the causes for erectile dysfunction may be different and you need to deal with the cause, pills like Generic Viagra allow men suffering from male impotency and related problems to lead a normal and happy sexual life. These pills are thoroughly reliable and you can even order them online.

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